Pilot 01 ..A is for Ambrosia


A is for Ambrosia – Food of the gods; something very pleasing to taste or smell; 

A is also for the Alphabet of Food…where you will acquire new tasty vocabulary as well as be guided by my simple exposures to the delightful foods of Adelaide..and wherever I find myself.
Now, ambrosia is said to be related to the food and drink of Greek gods and that whoever consumes it receives immortality. I don’t know much about Greek myths but I believe modern day ambrosia food would be desserts. You can tell what kind of foods extend my life! People say they always have room for dessert…I say, dessert demanded a permanent room in my stomach..and if I don’t fill it, there is a strange feeling of emptiness..
Now who can help me use the word ‘Ambrosia’ in a sentence? Challenge up for grabs.
Simple Food Exposures
One of my favourite things to do is to explore newly-established venues -which is happening very often in our ever-evolving Adelaide. I heard a fact that Adelaide has too many restaurants per square metre in relativity to the population of Adelaide, but ..that’s our awesome growing Adelaide..unafraid to try new things (despite us being slow at it). I do hope they continue to pop up though – even if just for a season!
Thank you for reading the pilot 01 of the Alphabet of Food ..
I am new to the world of ‘blogging’…so feel free to give me tips to help me around this community. I look forward to sharing my simple exposures as well as exploring new and tasty words together with you all.
Always enjoy some ambrosia Food ! (Does it work?!)
. . . the alphabet of Food . . .

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