B is for Braised @ The Grace Establishment

B is for Braised…Mmm mmm…

Braised means to Fry (food) lightly and then stew it slowly in a closed container (taken from Google Define!)

I loveeee braised foods..and so that’s why we just had to try the Wednesday special of Braised Pork Ribs at:

The Grace Establishment

Grace The Establishment on Urbanspoon


Price range: Around $10 to $35 or $95 share plate

Website: http://www.thegrace.net.au/index.html

This special Wednesday deal was spotted by my boyfriend – like Gossip Girl style. Any special deal and he’s onto it like a cat hunting a mouse. It was actually a great deal – $10 for Coca- Cola Braised Pork Ribs with a Slaw AND even a drink (choice of house wine, beer or soft drink).

Since we were playing sport that night, we had a nice big glass of lemon lime bitter with a plate of ribs each! Our friends helped us to order so the food was waiting for us patiently ..and unfortunately a little cold too but we were in a rush so not too bad!

I am using my Samsung Galaxy SII for my pictures, so the quality is not the best but you get the idea. (I’m looking to get a proper camera !) It was also very dark in there.. mood lighting. (Click to enlarge)

RibsThe ribs were alright – could do with more coca-cola flavour. I totally forgot it was supposed to be coca-cola until I remembered.

The portion size was OK for me but definitely not filling for my boyfriend. Still, it is very good for $10! Until..I tasted the slaw…

That was the letdown for me. If the slaw complemented the ribs and the flavour well thought out, then it would have completed the dish and be a contestant for the daily specials around the food arena. Unfortunately, the slaw was raw cabbage without much dressing or rather any flavour at all. Not a big fan of plain raw cabbage. I love my vegies and when I don’t finish my vegies, that’s not a good sign.

Of course, this is my opinion (and everyone at my table), so you might loveee it! Let me know if you thought otherwise or experienced a better ‘slaw’ night.

I do recommend trying it whilst the special is still on though – just think Braised Pork Ribs & $10 = tummy and wallet happy! We grade it a B for Bargain 🙂 Mmm..

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