C is for Coenaculous…relishing food at Chocolate @ No.5

C is for Coenaculous: meaning fond of dining; relishing food; especially suppers. Yep – that is you and I.

One day..my boyfriend had a sub-standard waffle, which triggered our memory of absolute favourite delicious Chocolate @ No. 5 waffles – which in turn triggered a quick visit up to Hahndorf with our other two friends! It was a very, very quick trip. I’m talking 20 minutes drive up, eat for 30 minutes, and 20 minutes drive back down 🙂 It is handy living near the freeway.

Chocolate @ No. 5
Chocolate @ No. 5 on Urbanspoon
Opening Hours: Only open from Thursday – Mondays from 10:00 – 17:00

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fb.chocolate.at.no.5?fref=ts

It is also worth the drive. The waffles never fail – even though sometimes they look a bit flat- but the taste and crunch is soo satisfying. Ooooh..if only they opened a store in Adelaide! I’d be a regular..and much poorer too. We rate these waffles A + + ! It is the best waffle I have had in Adelaide.

Here are some mouth-watering photos:

1014981_10151703095340100_907044034_o Vienna Whipped Cream Hot Choc

 1026023_10151703095070100_154772531_o A very sweet and large White Hot Choc

1065134_10151703094945100_1252683759_oStrawberry Waffle with a mountain of strawberries, ice-cream and a yummy strawberry sauce

 waffle 1

Belgium Choc Waffle with ice-cream

There is not much to say but IF YOU HAVE NOT BEEN HERE, YOU MUST GO. It is a lovely cosy place to relax, have some yummy desserts, choc’s or a beverage. As I type, I am craving the waffles again…it is that good! If you think it is not the best, please let me know if there are others better in Adelaide. I would love to taste 😉

We grade Chocolate @ No. 5 an A +!!

the alphabet of Food…


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