N is for Nordburger…newest burger joint on the Parade!

Welcome to the new Nordburger.. joining the burger joint craze around Adelaide.

Can I just say… great location!!!

NORD is apparently either a short form of ‘Norwood’ or refers to some of the Nordic design features. (You can ask the owners about the name!)

Nordburger on Urbanspoon

Location: 168 The Parade, Norwood South Australia 5067

Opening Hours: Tues – Wed: 11 am – 10 pm

Thus : 11am – 11 pm

Phone (08) 8331 9923
Email info@nordburger.com
Website http://www.nordburger.com

Some pictures of NORDBURGER for your enjoyment….SPOT THE (Kind of!) CELEBRITY:

1011139_10151698905770100_1747231191_n 69495_10151698905730100_1654959558_n 1010275_10151698905820100_266377512_nmichael

Yep that’s right. It’s Michael Weldon – from Masterchef – working hard! Sorry for the blurry photo..courtesy of the boyfriend =P

So..the part you are interested in! We had a takeaway meal!


The boyfriend ordered a Bacon-Double for $9.90, which is built with Double Beef, Bacon, Pickles, Double Cheese, Mustard, Ketchup and Nord Sauce. (What is this NORD Sauce?! I couldn’t really taste it) This burger was of a good size (we shared one as I already had lunch tee hee) with juicy thick tender patties. It was bigger than burger theory burgers.  (However, flavour wise – burger theory still wins!)

I couldn’t really taste the bacon, but my boyfriend could. Maybe it wasn’t evenly distributed throughout the burger. The bun was normal. I don’t think it was the sweet style bun..but I could be mistaken. Overall it was tasty, but oilllyyyy …that’s probably where all the juiciness comes from.

Annnnnnnd, of course we got Crinkle Cut fries – Chipotle – These were YUMMMM!!!!! Highly recommend. Very well seasoned and they were CRUNCHY (probably twice-fried)…even after 30 minutes cos we had it take away. I may be biased as I am an avid fries fan..but I will have to try it again to see if it is consistent!

The boyfriend also bought two two Specialties  Shake – a Pretzel one and a Peanut butter and Jelly one. ($7.00 each)

I personally liked the PB&J one better…boyfriend didn’t mind the pretzel – I didn’t like it at all. Salty milk.. @__@ haha~! But the PB&J was tasty and not too rich. A lot of peanut butter flavoured foods turn out very rich but this was quite nice to have, esp with the chips 🙂

A menu picture for your hungry eyes!

1052216_10151698906110100_380183549_o 1025802_10151698905985100_1113905727_o

We rate this place an B (if a bit less oily…would be nicer!) for the experience we had with takeaway..Chips remained crunchy and did not go soggy so plus points there…! But we will be back again…the Hot Dogs are calling out my name..as well as the Mushroomburger…hmmmm…!

Happy Nordburger-ing!

the alphabet of Food…


2 thoughts on “N is for Nordburger…newest burger joint on the Parade!

  1. Give it a fair go! They seem to put effort in and it’s fun to see a Masterchef contestant working hard. I personally liked the Hot Burger! I want to try the mushroom one but that was sold out =(
    Thanks for dropping by =))

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