S is for SIR CAFE on Rundle St!

A quick blog about SIR CAFE..it is a tiny hidden dessert cafe upstairs from the Adelaide gem ‘ Vego & Love’n it’ on Rundle St.
Sir Cafe on UrbanspoonOpening hours:

Tue – Thu: 19:00 – 23:00
Fri – Sat: 19:00 – 00:00
Sun: 16:00 – 22:00
The decor is very retro, funky. It reminds me of the decor upstairs at The Apothecary. Think lounges, a record player, quirky tables and mirrors.
As we had previously tried visiting on a Saturday night as Facebook showed it being open – we met with a locked door. We later discovered it was closed for renovations. The owner was very gracious and offered us a special discount if we were to come in again. So we could not refuse and went in on Sunday.
The owner was very accommodating and made sure we enjoyed ourselves.
Here are some pictures:
20130526_155607 Iced Chocolate20130526_160126Mango Pudding
20130526_160135A Mango smoothie
I think Honey Toasts are their specialties.
Bread is sourced from Breadtop – toasted and filled with ice-cream, macarons, fruit, wafers- your choice!
The little teapot in the photos held this lovely apple tea. My friends commented that it actually tasted like apples. Worth a try!

20130526_162257Chocolate Honey Toast

Strawberry Honey Toast
I first encountered the Honey Toast Desserts at a cafe in Taiwan called “Dazzling Cafe”. The ones there are much more filled with sweetness and the bread inside is toasted as well. The bread inside the ones here were not toasted inside. Some might prefer it that way, but I prefer it toasted as I like my desserts with a bit of crunch. It was enjoyable and tasty. The ice-cream was a bit of a let-down. Our friends commented it tasted very cheap. Perhaps it can be improved with some quality ice-cream or even better – gelato!
The Iced-chocolate was nothing special – if anything, it was fun to drink out of a tall glass?! The mango smoothie was okay as well. I only have a sip so I can’t really comment. I also only have a spoonful of the mango pudding. Friends commented that they have had better mango pudding. It lacked a bit of the fragrant soft mango sweetness. Perhaps too much gelatin? I’m not too sure. But loved the presentation – very country picnic style.
Overall, the place is very cosy and small. You either go early or try calling in to see if you can get a seat, or otherwise wait. The dessert menu is not extensive, but there are a few good choices. The honey toast seems to be their specialty- so give that a go!
We grade this place a B minus. There was quite a waiting time between us receiving our desserts and our friends receiving theirs. This resulted in them watching us eat and us watching them eat, which I don’t really mind, but it is more fun eating together at the same time.
However, service was great and the owner/manager (whoever it was) and waitress were great and friendly.
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2 thoughts on “S is for SIR CAFE on Rundle St!

  1. Yep – sharing is the best because you get to try more 😉
    Thanks for dropping by! I advise you to check their Facebook page for any renovation updates before making a trip =P Enjoy !

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