N is for Nordburger Round 2!

After watching Pacific Rim, which I was pleasantly surprised by – great movie!, our hungry tummies led us to Nordburger to try out the other options. This is my first time actually going into the store (Round 1 was takeaway). The decor is very clean and modern. The serving area takes up most of the restaurant, which I found a bit interesting as space could have been utilised a bit better. There are a few tables at the back dining area, or stools at the front. Very friendly staff and welcoming.

Michael Weldon, Runner Up from Masterchef 2011, was there working hard! It’s so interesting to see him there and I’m soo surprised there’s hardly any media coverage for him…unless the media don’t know? hmm!

Onto the Nordburger-ness…
Nordburger on Urbanspoon
Unfortunately the mushroomburger I wanted was  sold out so I settled for the Hot Burger $8.30 and the BF ordered a Chilli Dog $6.90. Prices are very reasonable I must say.. over $10 is always a bit of a stretch for a burger (unless they have special meats or amazingly tasty then ..maybe..)
I enjoyed the Hot Burger. .little bit of a hot kick and meaty juicy pattie. My BF and I usually eat half each, and then swap so we get to experience both! But..by the time I reached halfway…I wanted to finish it!! But alas…we swapped..

The bread of the Chilli dog was cut too deep and unfortunately the guts kept spilling out so it was hard to eat but there was some interesting flavours – especially little crunchy puffs of rice that confused me a bit but was fun to eat. I still prefer my Hot Burger! I don’t think the bread was the sweet type..some people think it was but to me, it seemed like a normal bun with sesame seeds. Maybe someone can enlighten me?
Easy and fast tasty meal under $16 = a winner – grade B. Overall a good experience and exciting to see a Masterchef in action with his hardworking friendly crew 🙂



Thanks for reading!

….the AlphabetofFood….


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