M is for Miga @ Payneham Road

Oh winter blues~ Only calls for one thing…and that is hot hearty food and hotpot!! My friend and I went to a cosy little Korean restaurant called Miga on Payneham Road.

M is for MIGA – which must be korean..but I could read the Chinese Characters and with my limited Chinese knowledge, it means A House of Taste. (Correct me if I’m wrong!)
Miga Korean Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Opening hours:

Lunch – Monday – Saturday

Dinner: Monday – Sunday
We were hungry after helping my friend move house in the rain. She was so sweet to treat me to all this delicious food:


Banchan = side dishes consisted of potato salad, picked vegetables and kimchi (complimentary)

They could be a bit more generous as there was two of us eating, but all the sides were very tasty.


Beef ribs & Rice/Salad – delicious flavoured beef ribs..I could eat a whole plate. The ribs had that smokey grilled flavour and they were sliced into edible little pieces with a bit of the rib bone. I absolutely love beef ribs and this is one of my favourite places to eat it!


Seafood Tofu Hotpot- this is a mini ceramic pot that Koreans often use to keep their hotpot/soup warm inside. There was bits of squid, mussels, tofu, enoki (straw) mushroom in the hotpot with delicious soup. The flavours were a mixture of sour and spiciness in the soup, which warmed me right up. There are actually two ways of eating these types of hot pots.

My way is to take a spoonful of rice and dip it into the hotpot and eat the whole mouthful with whatever sticks to your rice. Then just have a spoonful of soup to wash it down. One of my best friends does it a different way. She likes to put the whole bowl of rice into the hotpot and eat it directly from there. Whichever way, it is DELICIOUS.


This is a Korean Seafood Pancake! I loveee this. It is so delicious to eat. You take a slice and dip it into the sauce provided and gobble it down. The pancake had pieces of seafood, carrots, and other vegetables mixed throughout an egg-y pancake mixture, which was cooked in a pan – so the sides were crunchy mmm…It is a great entree 😀

It is also very easy to make. I shall post up the recipe we used one day 😉

The staff at Miga were also fantastic, friendly, although with limited English, but nonetheless helpful!

Lots of Korean’s come through and eat here, which may indicate authenticity of the cuisine.

The interior is beautiful as well. I forgot to take more photos but I think I have one – check out the gallery below!

The kitchen is open as well so you can watch the Chef’s in action.

We grade Miga an A – (only because Korean side dishes should be generous & plentiful…!)

… the alphabet of Food …


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