M is for Mango Tree Authentic Thai – which is mashita!

No, that is not a swear word. Mashita means delicious in Korean! (A word I learnt and often used when I was in Korea)

Tonight, my boyfriend and I went on a two stop food crawl!

First stop was at Mango Tree Authentic Thai.
Mango Tree Authentic Thai on Urbanspoon

Opening hours:

Tue – Thu: 11:30 – 15:00, 17:00 – 21:00
Fri: 11:30 – 15:00, 17:00 – 21:30
Sat – Sun: 17:00 – 21:30
After waiting in the rain for my boyfriend to pick me up, I was getting quite cold and hungry – and grumpy! But at soon as we spotted the lovely big Mango Tree sign, my grumpy mood disappeared and my eating mood appeared!!
1071570_10151722731375100_1093281511_oWhat an interesting little building Mango Tree is found in. Dome shaped entrance! I love interesting architecture. Upon entering, we were met with a rather ‘elegant’ feeling. Check out the interior decor pictures:
1072680_10151722731945100_1809242766_o 1077703_10151722732035100_604949004_o 1077717_10151722733095100_466071147_o
Lovey dome shape continues inside, with big bamboos lining the wall. There were also napkins folded into lotus on every plate. I just love how everything is so thoughtful. I love interior design and I look at details right up to what types napkins they provide. They actually provide another napkin for your main meal, and the lotus can remain a lotus – which I used as my mobile phone holder, which I thought was ingenious ;).
We took a while deciding what to order as there was a lot of pages and a lot of delicious sounding foods. Thai is known for the abundance of different flavours and ingredients balanced together to produce a ‘party in your mouth’. As you can probably can tell, Thai is one of my favourite cuisines, along with Korean food 😉
The lovely elegant looking menu. I love whoever did the branding – its fresh, elegant but not pretentious.
We decided on an entree of Kratong  Thong – Crispy Golden Cups filled with minced chicken and fresh vegetables ($7.50).
942398_10151722732390100_1553063990_nDon’t you just love the presentation? It was absolutely gorgeous. The deep spoons were sooo cute. The best way to eat these gems is to place the whole golden cup into your mouth and let the party begin! A delicious crunch of the golden cup, followed by a mouthful of the soy flavoured minced chicken, and some sweet corn mixed in as well! I could have easily eaten all four…but alas, we only had two each. Very yummy entree. Flavoured are not too strong but just enough to get your tummies prepared for the mains.
Our mains we ordered:
1. Ganeg Keaw Wahn Ped Sam Rod – a Three flavoured green duck curry with seasonal vegetables and fresh lychee ($22.50 reasonable for a main!)
1074319_10151722732170100_392780070_oI could not decide between the Red Duck Curry or the Green Duck Curry, so I asked the helpful waitress, who suggested the green curry as that was one of her favourites because of the lychees. So that won me over – I adore lychees. The lighting of my picture is a bit deceptive..it’s supposed to be a bit more green in colour! Flavours were amazing. The green curry is mild with a very sweet base. I love all things sweet, so this was my type of curry (although I do enjoy spicy red ones too). The dish was generously packed with fresh vegetables, and roast duck. The only let down was that I could only find two lychees. So my boyfriend and I only had one lychee each. I loved the sweetness of the lychee mixed with the roast duck and would love to have more. I expressed that to the waitress and she said next time to let her know and she will ask the chefs to add a few more lychees – very kind.
2.Egg Net Pad Thai – A traditional tamarind based rice noodle dish with egg, beanshoots, crushed peanuts and coriander served with a wedge of lemon. ($18.50)
I just noticed that my wedge of lemon never came! That’s why I felt something was missing from the pad thai, although I drenched my mouthfuls of pad thai with green curry. Beautifully cooked egg net. I once tried making a net and failed miserably, so I definitely appreciate a well fine net.
The pad thai flavours were there. The chicken could have been cut into bit size pieces, and perhaps flavoured a bit more. I’m not sure if its because I ate the duck curry first, and so the flavours of the pad thai could not be appreciated as much. Nonetheless, eating it together with the duck curry was delicious!
3. Yum Mango Tree – a vegetarian salad with beansprouts, carrot, lettuce tofu, peanuts and roasted coconut with light sweet vinegar sauce ($18.50)
150481_10151722732545100_690189041_n1009465_10151585405243800_26125041_oEgg net opened up!
Beautiful egg net over the salad again. The salad was very tasty, fresh and definitely a party in your mouth. Bags of flavour – as Matt Preston would say. Howeverrrrrrrrr, I’m not sure it is worth the $18.50 for a salad…though I might put it down to the time spent preparing the individual components. Probably wouldn’t order it again as the Roast Duck salad sounds very tempting..hmmm!
We were intending to crawl onto a dessert destination so we passed up on dessert here – although we did spend a few minutes contemplating sharing one because they sound so yummy. Here is a picture of the dessert menu:
Overall, a delicious beautifully presented meal- with chefs clearly putting a lot of thought and effort into their dishes. Wonderful attentive staff, beautiful interior – what more can you ask for?
WELL, the bonus is that Mango Tree is in the Entertainment Book – woo hoo! We got a nice 25% off the bill. It always feels good when you get a good deal 🙂
We grade this place an A- (pad thai lacking that flavour punch & steep cost for a salad with no meat)!
We will come again and try some dishes that we did not have enough stomach for this time round.
Stay tuned for our Second stop!
… the alphabet of Food …

4 thoughts on “M is for Mango Tree Authentic Thai – which is mashita!

  1. The alphabet of food! Thank you so much for coming in and trying our restaurant! And thank you for the taking the time to complete your generous review. We put alot of thought into our menu and presentation so it really makes it worth it when we receive positive feedback. It’s also very helpful so that we can address any issues. Im glad you enjoyed your experience and hope that we get the opportunity to provide you with an even better experience next time. Thanks again.

    Mango tree authentic Thai

  2. I actually went to Mango Tree over the weekend! The food was good; service was a bit patchy and slow but I’d happily go there again with a bigger group of people to sample more of their dishes.

    • Dee – Must be a weekend thing as we went on a weekday, so I guess not as many customers. Agreed! Food was good and we just wanted to order more, but needed more stomachs too. Thanks for dropping by 😉

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