P is for Providore (stall in Central Market)

P is for Providore – meaning One who makes provision; a purveyor (one who provides generally food)

I love the central markets on Saturdays. We wandered around treating our eyes to the amazing range of fresh produce. It is good for your eyes to look at fresh greens!

We came across one of our favorite stalls – stall S66 – called Providore.
They indeed do provide food and especially my favorite type – desserts!! Products include fresh gateaux, tortes, sponge cakes, pies, tarts, pastries, quiches & chocolates!

With a huge chocolate fountain, one is immediately lured over to feast your eyes on the sugary goodness that Providore provides. I witnessed a mother buying a cup of strawberries that is then drenched by the chocolate fountain for her son.It looked delicious. The litte boys eyes was mesmerized by the fountain! Such a lovely sight.


Anyways, we had not eaten lunch yet but we were also won over by the display of cakes available.
So many we wanted to try but we had to be disciplined and decided to choose one each to takeaway.


Picnic cheesecake


Pistachio passionfruit cake

Oh I am normally not a fan of pistachio cakes but this one was divine. The passionfruit flavours were stronger and just gives the cake a flavours blast. I was amazed at how nice it was!! Sooo going back to buy a whole cake next time.

The cheesecake was also nice and not too sweet. However I was blown away by the amazing pistachio passionfruit slice that everything else paled. Hoho..

Will be visiting again very soon I think!
Grade A+!!


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