C is for Crêperie Bruxelles … (stop 2 for my ambrosia dessert)

After a delicious dinner at Mango Tree, we crawled/drove to nearby Crêperie Bruxelles – intending to just share a dessert 🙂

Crêperie is known as a restaurant that serves crepes – which is a type of thin pancake, usually made from wheat flour (crêpes de Froment) or buckwheat flour (galettes).The word is of French origin, deriving from the Latin crispa, meaning “curled”.

Crepes can be sweet or savoury – I like both, but I can eat more of savoury crepes, especially peking duck crepe! I once had a peking duck crepe in Melbourne -AIX Cafe Creperie Salon, just off Flinders Lane. That was a few years ago and now a crepes craze seems to have hit Adelaide!

Enter in Crêperie Bruxelles, which is owned by the family that runs the Adelaide Famous Poffertjes stand:

Creperie Bruxelles on Urbanspoon

Opening hours: Lunch on Saturday and Sundays; Wed – Saturday 7pm onwards (info from Urbanspoon)

The location is interesting, and we almost missed it but my hawk eyes caught sight of the amazing view of the  interior design. Parking was relatively easy along the main street, but if that was full, then you would have to circle around the block to find parking on a side street.

The shop’s exterior had a lovely big window, with brown and white lines on the window that just screams ‘chocolate’ (to me anyways). Looking through the window, I felt like I was transported to another country. I don’t think anyone could walk past and not go in. Check out some of the pictures (I apologise again for my quality – a lot of the lights got in the way of my Samsung Galaxy SII woo hoo..a better camera is on its way though!)

1064455_10151722730825100_107597691_o 1074261_10151722730620100_1537658352_o 1072261_10151722730470100_1796020529_o 1078752_10151722732970100_221417347_o 1077835_10151722730360100_145554011_o 1009469_10151722730195100_94246191_o 970112_10151722730260100_1961116777_n

Considering we were quite full from dinner, we aimed to share one dessert. However, I am not the biggest banana dessert fan, whereas my boyfriend is a huge banana dessert fan, so we were in a pickle. What else could we do but choose a dessert each?? So I chose a Chocolate Strawberry Waffle and my boyfriend had a Banana and Salted Caramel Crepe. I was naughty and also ordered a hot chocolate.

 Hot chocolate came first and there was a bit of a wait for our desserts. Staff were quite friendly – there are two guys in there that I was arguing with my boyfriend that they are twins. In the end I asked, and they were!! =P Anyways, onto the desserts:

1078607_10151722729985100_1583467835_o 942390_10151722730110100_407646314_n

Hot chocolate with a little marshmallow touch. It was nice, though we preferred it to be sweeter as after eating the desserts, it was rather bland.


 The Bruxelles Chocolate Strawberry Waffle with Ice-cream. The shape of the waffle was reminiscent of  Chocolate No.5 – the rectangle waffle! However, this waffle was more doughy and not as crunchy. It was okay though! Not a bad waffle 🙂 My boyfriend enjoyed it. I am just very picky with waffles.


The Crepes Banana with Salted Caramel and Ice-Cream. This was a winnnnnerr! First bite had my boyfriend going oooh salted caramel. I usually don’t like banana desserts but I ate a whole crepe to myself! The crepes were thin and had a lovely crispy edge. The folds were filled with sliced bananas, and there was enough of the salted caramel sauce to cover each bite. Absolutely delicious. It was clear what they specialised in, besides their poffertjes (which we already know are delicious).

Overall, we have a lovely experience here. Great desserts and I spent most of the night ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the interior design. I love those curled iron decorations, the tram counter with ‘Henley Beach’, the clock above my head (note picture) and the random bicycle on the wall. It gives such character to the creperie. We grade this place a B+ for our experience. Waffles and hot chocolate could be improved but redeemed by their delicious crepes.

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4 thoughts on “C is for Crêperie Bruxelles … (stop 2 for my ambrosia dessert)

  1. Oh I think I know which place you are referring to. Somewhere down on Grenfell St.? I’ve yet to try that place as my sister found it overpriced. I might wait a bit until they find their feet!
    Yes, this place is indeed worth the drive for some yummy poffertjes and delicious crepes!

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