P is for From Scratch Patisserie

A Patisserie is a shop that sells French pastries and cakes. Delicieux French pastries..Mmm…
Last Friday I woke up early to fulfill my pastry craving at the pop up From Scratch Patisserie found on Leigh St. Adelaide – right next to Coffee Branch. Coffee branch opens their doors to those who want somewhere to devour the pastries.

From Scratch Pop Up Patisserie on Urbanspoon

Popping Up hours: 7am – 9am on Fridays or it can be found at the Farmers Market at the Adelaide show grounds every Sunday morning.
Prices: Average about $4.50 a pastry  

A lovely spread of pastries is available and you just want to buy everything and the only thing stopping you ..is probably your wallet.

I bought two types of pastries. Firstly a Pain in the Almond (basically an almond croissant). This had delicious almond slivers and had a crispy crunch when biting into the end of the croissant. However, as I reached the center, my face scrunched up. Unfortunately it had that almond meal taste that does not appetise me. It actually makes me feel sick. I was sooo sad.I really liked the outer layer. I placed that aside for my boyfriend to finish off..aren’t I nice? *cough* Well, my boyfriend devoured the Pain in the Almond – so he didn’t mind that peculiar almond taste woo hoo!


To get that almond meal a taste away, I quickly bit into the Vinnie barbarino (a Rhubarb and hazelnut danish). (As you can see..I took a bite before I remembered to take a picture.. oopsies)


Ohhh this was so divine, I took another few bites and was already halfway through it. The pastry was crispy but soft and buttery. Then a bite of the rhubarb ooozed a lovely sweetness. Ahh..how I wanted to devour the whole pastry but I was disciplined and saved half for my boyfriend. See, I am nice hehe. What a lovely start to a Friday morning! It has made me extra excited for Fridays !

I already made plans for a breakfast date with some fellow city workers this Friday. I heard the chocolate croissant is a must. . Yes please!!

I grade an A + for this delicieux patisserie! Highly recommend giving these pastries a try 🙂

… the alphabet of Food..


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