L is for La Bonne Table

My boyfriend and I decided to celebrate our 3 years and 9 months anniversary at La Bonne  Table 😉 (any excuse will do hehe)

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La Bonne means ‘good’– in French – puting them together ‘La Bonne Table’ means Good Table! What a creative name for a restaurant and upon entering, the creativeness continues!

I was examining the rustic interior for a while, and even asked the lovely French waiter whether the wine bottles on the wall are full or empty. She told me its full and they are the backup reserves for the bar. I also asked her about the management and she said the place was opened by Korean chefs who studied western hospitality, and proceeded to open this Korean/French/Spanish fusion. Both the Taiwanese and French waiters were very welcoming and attentive. Firstly, check out the funky, rustic yet modernish interior. I can’t find the right words at the moment:

20130724_182538 20130724_182523 20130724_182528 20130724_182550 20130724_182610


Well, this was in the bathroom of the female toilet..thought it was interesting. Beware, female cubicles are hard to exit because there are no handles to open the door. Freaked me out for a minute, so I had to pull on the little door lock to get out – a bit painful on my finger as it was a metal lock.

Anyways, the menu is not extensive but has a good range for choice:


As we needed to go badminton competition, we didn’t want to order too much.

We ordered:

1. Harissa Quail, bean puree, apple infused apple and sweet potato crisp ($19)


Beautifully presented although couldn’t really see the quail until we dug around. The sweet potato crisps were amazingly thin, light and was so crispy. I would eat a whole bowl if I could! The quail was split into two portions, well-cooked and tasty (though perhaps I am used to Vietnamese quails so this one didn’t seem to taste as marinated). I am not a big fan of bean…so that’s probably why the puree didn’t appeal to me as much. The apple slices was nice but couldn’t really taste it over the bean puree. Overall a tasty dish but not amazing- – except for the sweet potato crisps!

2. 63 Degree Egg with truffle oil, porcini salt and char-grilled bread ($11)


This was a bit-more than half cooked egg (63 degree) with a little teat pipette with truffle oil inside that we were told toe squeeze ourselves to ‘inject’ the truffle oil into the egg. A bit of novelty fun! Made it more exciting. This was really yummy..I would love to eat this for breakfast if I could be bothered to make it! The chargrilled bread was tasty with some egg and porcini salt. Oh I love porcini salt. Really loved this dish!

3. Burger with 200g steak patty (cooked medium rare), Roquefort, oinion and bacon jam, red wine ketchup, fat chips ($19)


Lovely presentation – normal bun (not the sugar type) and with a juicy patty. The lovely French waitress warned us about the Roqueford cheese being quite pungent, but my boyfriend said he can handle it.

After cutting it in half to share, then we realised we were supposed to place the vegetables inside! Oops.

It was very tasty, the onion and bacon jam was yummy but the pungency of the cheese was more than we thought. I don’t think I could handle it again haha! A good experience. Red wine ketchup? I don’t think there was any red wine in it or none that I could taste – just a note!

Overall, very attentive staff and service, a good character and atmosphere, food was tasty -bit pricey but that’s expected for this kind of venue. We decided we will come back again to try out the other dishes to see if the flavours are better – so a B+ from us!

the alphabet of Food..


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