C is for Cronut @ Jenny’s Bakery

C is for Cronut: a cross between a croissant and a doughnut.

It has been a journey trying out this cronut. We sourced it from Jenny’s Bakery – who outsource to a few different places (unsure where so please ask them =] )!

Jenny's Gourmet Bakery on Urbanspoon

First attempt had us lining up at 12:30pm behind a lady with her daughter. There were about 7 or 8 cronuts left in the shop, so we were super excited we could finally choose one. However, the shop assistant kept filling this massive box for the lady in front, and eventually every single last cronut was swallowed up into the big white box.  *sad face*

So we got ourselves an eclair and salted caramel tart – very yummy. However this is about the C R O N U T.

Second attempt, I went at 9am – no chances of missing out! The whole store was filled with cronuts and with a full display. Woo hoo!

I got a hazelnut and an apple pie flavoured one – $5 each (it shall be a rarity I eat this).

imageHazelnut Cronut: I love hazelnut so I’m quite biased that I enjoyed this very much. The pastry was soft yet dense, and the chocolate-y cream inside made it seem like a dessert. I loved the top layer the most though! It really just tasted like a dessert croissant with a denser pastry. Nothing magical but creative!


What it looks like inside..

The Apple Pie Cronut (I think that was the name..hmm) This was not as sweet comparatively (duh) but it would suit an person that likes having fruit on their pastries. I generally only like fruit on danishes.  I preferred the  hazelnut chocolate 🙂

Overall, an interesting experience due to the hype, so it kinda lifted our expectations, and yet it didn’t fail. It was tasty and different, yet very familiar. A grade B+ for meeting our expectations – though didn’t birth a desire for me to go purchase it again *yet*. Maybe to try a new flavour?

We might meet again one day Cronut!

.. the alphabet of Food..


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