S is for Sawasdee Krap at Now or Never Cafe and Thai Cuisine






Sawasdee Krap – means HELLO in Thai!

Sawasdee Krap to ‘Now or Never Cafe and Thai Cuisine’
Now or Never Cafe & Thai Cuisine on UrbanspoonThis is a tiny Thai cafe that is tucked away on Dulwich Ave. It has a sweet interior with a lovely homey atmosphere.

I took my parents there as a treat so that my mum could have a rest from cooking. This is a backlog so it was a few months ago, but I do wish to share about it!

We ordered some entrees and two mains to share.

20130413_191240 Quaint isn’t it? ^^


Entree of money bag, curry puff, chicken wing and fish cakes. Very tasty 🙂 I love thai entrees (though slightly pricey ~)


Deliciously fragrant pad thai! Even my parents agreed it was tasty. Loved how there were condiments to add an extra element. Thinking about it makes me want to go eat it again. It tastes very authentic – with that ‘wok smell’ of cooking on a strong flame.20130413_193608

This was a Beef Red Curry. Plenty of vegies and meat, and a nice consistency. It went very well together with the pad thai. I normally like to eat currries with pad thai, rather than spend money on plain rice (unless it’s complementary hehe).

Overall, a nice little cosy cafe to have a authentic thai meal that is close by and easy parking at the back. Great service as well from the waiters – very friendly.

The only thing my parents were a bit iffy was the price – but they did say it was tastier than the other thai place they went to (I’m not sure which place they were referring to. We grade it a B+ for our experience – entree could have been a bit more generous (Mum kept saying she could fry all this herself haha).

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