L is for La Tombola

La Tombola means…Italian lottery or house.
That was the only definition I found anyways! Let me know if you know an alternative meaning 🙂

I took a sick day off work due to a cold, so a perfect opportunity to go out for lunch with my mother dearest. It took us a while decide where to go due to the many choices available for the Advertiser Split Bill venues. (Vouchers in the Advertise allow you to have 50% discount on your meal)

We decided on La Tombola. This was my first time but my mum had been before with her friends. We didn’t have to make a booking for lunch as the person on the phone said just come on in. I hear that at night times, you should make a booking as it fills up quickly!

La Tombola Italian Restaurant on Urbanspoon

My mum recommended the Spaghetti Marinara and we also decided to try the Soft Shell Mud crab with lentils.


Spaghetti marinara: Local selection of fresh seafood with garlic, fresh herbs, extra virgin olive oil and finished with a fresh Roma tomato sauce $29.90

This spaghetti was packed full of flavours! Absolutely enjoyed this and scrapped off all the sauce with some buttered bread at the end. There were plenty of prawns, squid and mussels to eat every mouthful of spaghetti with. Spaghetti was cooked al-dente, and in lovely strands.


Granchio Di Fango Fritto: Soft shell mud crabs with homemade citrus aioli served on a salsa of lentils, tomato and red onions $32.90


I flipped over one of the crabs and it looked quite fascinating. You can definitely tell it is a mud crab by its huge claws. Although the crab was not fresh, as the meat was a bit mooshy, the flavours in the batter were delicious and seasoned very well. It is a very different style to the Vietnamese soft shell crabs that I prefer, but it was very tasty with the lentils – cooked perfectly – soft and tasty.

Overall, a great place for a quick lunch with lovely service as well. The only negative comment is that the ‘fresh bread’ provided didn’t taste very fresh, rather a bit dry/potentially on the verge of being stale. 

If you have a split bill voucher for each patron, two delicious meals only set us back $33. Winner =) We grade this an A – for our lunch experience!


4 thoughts on “L is for La Tombola

    • It is nice food! I’ve lived around Unley almost my entire life and this was the first time I’ve been. Actually I’ve yet to dine in the many restaurants around Unley. Just never occurred to me as I always venture towards the city. Any recommendations? 😉

      • Yes, three must tries – 1 swiss 2 italian

        Lenzerheide – better than Alphutte

        Pinocchio Ristorante (famous) for their pasta – wait for another 1.5 months also cos their head chef is currently in Italy at the moment

        Vincenzo’s Cucina Vera

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