P is for Adelaide Pho

P is for  Phở is a Vietnamese style traditional noodle soup with an abundance of herbs, sliced meat (usually beef), bean sprouts, different variety of rice noodles and a delicious soup base of typically beef. There are many varieties of Pho and people will have different opinions of what is the best ‘Pho’.

Adelaide Pho is apparently a sister restaurant of ‘Thanh Thanh’ in Chinatown, like literally. I think the owners are sisters according to some rumours. Correct me if I am wrong. That is why you may find some similarities between the two restaurants.

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I came here twice this week! Once for lunch and once for dinner

For lunch, the place was very busy. There is always a mixture of working people and Asian families in there – indicates authenticity and able to cater to everyone!

I had a small combination rice for around the $10 mark (I forgot the exact price). Note, small is not very small (unless my cousin tricked me and ordered me the large hmm…! Everything was delicious – from the pork chop (covered by the egg), roast pork, egg and the fishy sauce that we drizzle over the whole plate. The only thing is that there is some MSG and you may feel thirsty after eating this. So remember to hydrate!


This time of the year it is birthday celebrations time. I have had three celebrations this week – stay tuned for more posts coming up!

I came back on a Thursday night to celebrate my mum’s birthday with my whole family. We ordered grilled pork meatballs and sugar cane prawns as entrees – which comes with cold roll making materials. I love doing this. We are provided with everything we need to make cold rolls! I didn’t take photos of the process as my hands became a bit dirty. First we soak rice paper in water for a few seconds, then we place rice noodles, choose some meat and veges, then lay then in a line on the rice paper, then roll it and tuck in the sides. Then dip it in the delicious sauce provided and EAT~! Absolutely delicious =)


This is the sugar cane prawns cold roll materials


This is the grilled pork meatball cold roll materials


This is my brothers Roast Duck Egg Noodles. He found the duck to be fatty, whereas I enjoyed a piece of the duck. He also didn’t like the soup at the end. It may be due to the fattiness leaking out of the duck, rendering the soup to be very salty and oily.


The two boyfriends present ordered a small bowl of Bún bò Huế – which consists of a main flavour of lemongrass with a balance of spicy, sour, salty and sweet flavors. This is a favourite of many people! It was very tasty, spicy and had good ratio of ingredients to noodles. As expected, they were also thirsty after.


This was Pork in Caramel Sauce. I have no idea why I ordered this. By the time I left my after work course, I was so hungry and caught the word ‘Caramel’ so ordered this. It was like stir-fried pork in a sweet sticky-ish sauce. It was tasty, a bit fatty and was good to eat with rice. However, no special traditional flavours and it reminds me more of a Chinese dish.


My dad loves laksa so he couldn’t resist ordering a laksa! This was slightly different from the normal Malaysian laksa. This had a sourish tinge to it, lots of coconut flavour and spicy. My dad actually enjoyed it and found it fragrant. I only tried a bit of the soup, which was very coconutty.


Oh one of the best things about Adelaide Pho (and Thanh Thanh) is that they do the traditional Vietnamese smoothies! Pictured above is an avocado (green one) and custard apple (white one) smoothie.

I loveeee custard apple so I always get that!! My sister loves avocado, so she prefers that. The boy love the DURIAN smoothie. Yes, you heard me. They can make durian flavoured smoothie (ick). Luckily, there was none available that night haha! Too bad for them. Usually it is available so it may have been sold out.

Anyways, the dinner went well with food passing around everywhere and the table covered in mess. The atmosphere was reminiscence of Malaysia, where we all ordered different food and we shared it around. The noisy chatter of the full house brought back memories of our holidays in Malaysia (you MUST make a booking for night times – it’s crazy!).

We grade this place an A -. Delicious food, quick service and great prices. We had seven people and the bill came to about $126. The only downfall is feeling very thirsty afterwards – which I have found happens a lot after eating Vietnamese food. MSG? Probably but it’s tasty so every now and then, we just have to drink extra water 😉


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