A is for Auge Spuntini Bar

The definition of the italian word Auge means “be in high esteem” or “be in favour”. This is indeed true for the highly esteemed Auge, consisting of the Spuntini Bar area for casual dining and the Ristorante for elegant fine dining.

Auge Ristorante & Spuntini Bar on UrbanspoonWe went here upon the purchase of an irresistible Groupon voucher. Wonderful greeting by the staff, with a cloak room as well – not every restaurant has this kind of service! We were seated and given the menus to ponder over to select a main.


Appetisers – fresh bread with balsamic vinegar and olive oil with seasalt


Antipasto della casa – a selection of daily house made appetisers to share:


The menu did not provide the names for all the little appetisers, so unfortunately you will need to analyse with your eyes. The risotto balls were delicious and so was the sausage and salad. It was a bit heavy on the carbs and we were getting full already (as we also had a piece of bread too). I would prefer a lighter and fresher appetiser.




#1 gli gnocchi di patate con ragu di maiale – potato dumplings with pulled pork, roasted red onion, semi dried tomato, olives, port and bay leaf. I am not a huge fan of gnocchi but I really wanted to try the pulled pork. As expected, I loved the pulled pork – full of flavour, tender and delicious. The gnocchi tasted a bit starchy floury. I could be biased as not a bit fan, so I made a mental note to stick to pasta.




#2 le pappardelle con ragu di coniglio – wide ribbons of pasta, rabbit, smoked bacon, local mushrooms, mustard seeds with white wine and cream. This was absolutely loved. My boyfriend is a rabbit fan, and just had to chase the rabbit down the hole. A good choice mind you. Delicious and well flavoured. Although we were very, very full halfway through the dish, he slowly finished the whole dish. He even mentioned, and I quote, “This is the best italian food I’ve had”. That’s saying a lot as we do eat out a fair bit!


Dessert was not included as part of the voucher but we could not resist (I need my ambrosia!)

Dolci aka Dessert: il tris di melone con granita di limoncello – compressed watermelon, canteloupe, honeydew, limoncello granita, mint yoghurt, pine nut biscotti ($16.50)

When this came out, I was suprised it was such a small serve as it looked like pieces of fruit with ice and a bit of biscuits. We were thinking it’s totally not worth $16.50. But we dug into it anyways. Surprise surprise – it was delicious. “Compressed” means that the flavours of the fruits have been compressed into the little cubes – a cooking method. This dessert was sooo fresh and light – it was the perfect way to finish a heavy meal. The price is a bit steep but I would so eat another one (if I can afford it that is). Would love to try more desserts another time! 🙂


Overall, Auge does live up to its highly esteemed reputation – great service, great food and great dessert. The voucher was a great way to experience Auge with an affordable price tag. We grade it an A – (a minus for the appetiser as it didn’t really appetise us but rather squashed our appetite a bit).

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