E is for the Elbow Room

It’s been a while…I’ve been non-stop eating as it was wedding season!! I’ve got a backlog of delicious places to document, so I’m going to do a series of short posts!

The boyfriend took me on a road trip up to McLaren Vale to have lunch at the Elbow Room (in Entertainment book too!), where we also discovered the Seas and Vines Food and Wine Festival was going on –  extra bonus!

The Elbow Room on Urbanspoon

The Elbow Room Restaurant of McLaren Vale is nestled in a picturesque vineyard, with the famous Chef Nigel Rich offering a seasonal menu featuring fresh ingredients from around the region. As soon as we got out of the car park, a peaceful view of blue skies and a private vineyard meets you.

20130610_125306 20130610_125519 20130610_125935   20130610_131858 20130610_131841

After we discovered the Seas and Vines Food and Wine Festival was going on, we only ordered two dishes to leave room for other munchies on a drive around.

First was Soft Shell Mud Crab with Green Papaya Salad and ER Sambal (ER=Elbow Room). I was very surprised to find the word ‘sambal’ there. I usually see it in Malaysian dishes, so I was definitely intrigued. I am a big fan of soft shell crab, and this one did not disappoint! Coupled with the fresh papaya salad and kick of sambal, I wanted to finish the whole crunchy well seasoned mud crab myself! As usual, Unfortunately, I had to share….

Second dish was goat served with pomegranate, figs and chickpeas (I think it was chickpeas..). It was so filling! Meat was soft and pulled apart easily. I’ve never really eaten goat before, so was pleasantly surprised. With the entertainment book, we grade it an awesome A!

Otherwise, a lovely refreshing lunch to start off our journey around the Seas and Vines Festival. I recommend the Moscato available at Hugh Hamilton McLaren Vale. As you can see, I’m a fan of all things sweet. The vineyards and view from the Hugh Hamilton tasting area is gorgeous as well.

There were plenty of bands and small markets around the other wineries too. Beautiful day and totally recommend you all to go next time- especially if you are into wine tasting!

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