J is for Jerusalem House

J is for Jerusalem House – a icon on Hindley St that has been around for many many years. Except I’ve never been to it until this year. My colleague took a few of us after finding out another colleague and I had never experienced the deliciousness of the Jerusalem House falafel. After experiencing a taste of the amazing flavours as we were only limited to a lunch-time, I had to come back!

Warning – Do not be afraid of the draping roofs, the plastic-y benches, plastic cups and gruff but lovely service staff. The decor and furniture is not exactly state of the art, but it is cosy and gives you a very middle eastern feel. I especially like the photograph of a camel on the wall.

Jerusalem Sheshkebab House on Urbanspoon
So upon my second trip with another friend, we proceeded to order a mini-feast – with complimentary hummus from the owner. We ordered:

Chilli cauliflower – deliciously creamy and flavoured. It was recommended by my colleague and did not disappoint!

Falafel – crispy crunchy outside texture, with a fresh mixture of ground up chickpea and other delicious things. My colleague said you can tell if a falafel is fresh if it is fresh looking green on the inside. And it was!! I could eat these things forever. You can order a falafel roll for about $10 which makes a good lunch!!!

Mixed platter of meat- we had beef, chicken and lamb! Wonderfully marinated, tender and just the right size for the two of us!

We ended up spending $20 each and was sooo satisfied. Can’t wait to go back and sample some of the other dishes!!

Grade B- for the food!


Our mini Feast!


This is the famous falafel!


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