M is for Matcha House

Matcha, also known as maccha, is the Japanese word for the finely powdered green tea..combining it with house becomes ‘Matcha House’ – a house of all things green tea.

Matcha House on Urbanspoon

I have to admit, green tea is not one of my favourite flavours, but it is one of my sister’s absolute favourites (as she is a lover of all things ‘Japan’). So I made a promise to go with her to the newly opened ‘Matcha House’ in North Adelaide – a dessert destination promising unique green tea desserts in a tea house environment.

We went late saturday night around 10pm and walking through the entrance, it was very peaceful as you cannot see the customers until you remove shoes and enter into either the traditional Japanese floor seating or the normal table area. We, of course, chose the traditional seating as we love the atmosphere of chitter chatter, whilst being able to choose to sit cross legged or placing legs hidden underground.

The menu is not the most extensive at the moment – with recommendations from friends across at other tables saying the Matcha sundae is the go-to dessert, so that was ordered multiple times at our table.

Matcha sundae

Our table had two types of green tea sundaes – one topped with brown rice crunch (which is very crunchy, so I liked it!) and the bigger sundae with more variety of pieces of fruit, mochi ( bits of chewy glutinous rice) and some red bean too! Both had a base of crunchy bits similar to corn-flakes. The soft serve had a subtle green tea flavour, which I was able to handle and enjoy. However, my matcha-loving sister was disappointed as it did not have the intense matcha flavour that she was used to having in Japan (she went there for a two month trip), but she still enjoyed it!

Matcha waffles

This photo was a courtesy of a friend, who tried the waffle. She didn’t enjoy it as much as the sundae as the waffle didn’t have much taste.

Otherwise, this dessert destination is promising, great seating arrangements and can even accommodate large groups. Although friends that went earlier in the night complained that they had to wait a while and noticed that the use of space in the front area was wasted with no tables there.

Service was amazing too with familiar faces floating around, though friends that came earlier complained of long waiting time for their desserts, though these might be teething problems for a newly start ups. It should be ironed out with a couple of months of service.

With more diversity in the menu and unique offerings, this tea house can be another key icon in the North Adelaide dessert scene.

We grade it a C, and looking forward to seeing what else will be offered.



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