C is for Coffylosophy

Coffylosophy is a new resident to the Hutt Street food scene, promising of the best brewed coffee Adelaide has to offer. The name is unique and one wonders how long they took to think of it! I love new words, almost as much as I love food!

Coffylosophy on Urbanspoon

Note, the seating is limited as the place is small and cosy, so we had to sit at the bench looking out the window..there was some outside seating aswell with heaters 😉

Well, it was my bad I forgot to actually order a coffee (as not a devoted coffee drinker) but we did order a delicious Belgian hot chocolate.
I almost couldn’t stop drinking it…until my partner told me off =P

Love them big tea cups….totally getting some for my new house- which has been taking up my time, hence lack of posts.

Onto the food..
I always get attracted to specials written on the board- and got sucked into ordering a brioche burger with falafel (I love falafel!):

Came out looking scrumptious and filled with healthy greens!
But the delight stopped there.
I love French bread and I was expecting delicious bread with soft crumbs and flaky textures and tasty falafel with some delicious sauce to bind it together, but all I got was dry, dry and more dry.
Bun was dry and literally created a mess everywhere …and then inside, no sauce or anything to help swallow the falafel (which also lacked in flavour).
I was disappointed to say the least. No matter..my mistake of ordering a special when I should listen to recommendations from fellow foodies.

My partners choice was better:

Shredded beef with fried egg sandwich. The beef was tasty (tho slightly dry as well but compensated by the sauce) and the egg was good complement.

All in all, not very satisfied with the food…but it sure satisfies in the drinks department- definitely returning for the drinks..and perhaps one of the delectable looking sweets.

Grading a B for now…until next time…

The alphabet of Food..

coffeee mmm belgian hot chocolate..


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