M is for Ginza Miyako

Ginza Miyako (‘Ginza City’) is the recently opened sister branch of the Ginza Japanese restaurant in Unley, with its home in the prestigious Stamford Plaza on North Tce (previously Rickshaws I believe!). Another unique dining experience for us Adelaideans produced by the ‘Taste of the Orient’ group, who own restaurants from all over Australia, China and Hong Kong.

Ginza Miyako Japanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Ginza Miyako promises a fusion of fine-dining Japanese and French cuisine, with head chef Gamo Haruo (previously at Matsuri) leading the creations. There are two rooms of traditional Japanese seating with a twist – unique back-rests imported from Japan (check out the picture if that didn’t make sense!) as well as normal table chairs seating and a sushi bar.  The interior is tasteful, elegant but still builds a comfortable atmosphere where customers can talk freely.


Spot the entrance up the colourful staircase!


The traditional Japanese seating…with unique (and comfortable!) back rests!

normal seating 2

Normal dining area lunch specials

Notice for the express lunch specials

My first visit was with a colleague during lunch to taste the ‘Express $10 meals’ which includes either a meal with kaarage fried chicken or a mushroom meal featuring enoki mushrooms!

I, lover of all things fried, went for the karaage fried chicken and it was delicious! Nicely flavoured and light batter on the chicken, salad and rice! My friend got an Eel bento box, slightly pricier around $19 I think, but it had a lot of variety and she loved it!


My second visit was thanks to an invitation from Ginza Miyako (whose other sister business are our wedding caterers – Four Seasons Catering – super excited!) and so my fiance and I came in on a Friday night ..and to say the least, we had a delicious evening – and easy  as well since parking is provided as well for 24 hrs!

Let’s being..


We started off with a teapot of Japanese Genmai tea..very aromatic and makes me want to buy some to put in my office to drink.

Yuzu cocktail

My fiance ordered us a Yuzu Cocktail – it had a creamy smooth texture, with hints of yuzu (Japanese citrus fruit) and ending with a hit of Galliano . I can’t find better word to explain but ‘smooth’ – definitely one of the more unique cocktails I’ve tried! Curious to try the other cocktails another time.

Onto the beautiful food…


Hors D’oeuvre Platter

Our entree was the Hors D’oeuvre Platter, consisting on nine elements: fresh raw salmon sashimi with roe, braised pork belly which melted in your mouth, flavorsome wagyu tataki (lightly seared), soft daikon and carrot, spiced octopus which had a *zing* at the end, and a yellow element that I forgot to ask what it was.  It sure was a culinary journey going through this platter! We ate up everything as it was unique, well flavoured and so fun to experience!


Kaiseki Bento

Next came my main of the bento box, which included tempura, stewed mackeral, teriyaki chicken, sashimi, sushi and some of the same braised pork belly from the entree. This sets you back $39, though I think two people can be filled up with this as there was just so much food there!! Every element was carefully cooked and just delicious. Tempura had  light batter with tasty sauce to dip it in; the fish and chicken was both nice and tender with a yummy teriyaki sauce.


Roasted Wagyu Fillet (crusted with sesame)

The restaurant got very busy into the night so my fiance’s main course arrived as we were finishing up the Bento Box (which may cause problems for groups as you end up watching your friends eat and then they watch you eat, so I suggest letting the waiters know if you want all your mains to arrive at the same time), but since we were sharing, we didn’t mind. Our stomachs, however, were starting to give warning bells of being full – but one bite of the soft wagyu beef leaves you crying out for more! The centre pieces were deliciously soft and tender – nice and pink. However, side pieces were more tough and leaned towards being overcooked, (although still very tasty!), which may be due to the kitchen being very busy – teething problems in a new restaurant. Hopefully that will improve as they learn to handle the pressures of large groups, and not to waste good wagyu!



Ice cream platter

My partner was craving for some green tea icecream, so upon hearing icecream was made in-house, we couldn’t resist. The green tea flavour was much stronger than Matcha House and hits the mark for him (as I’m not a big fan of green tea ice-cream). I loved the sesame icecream, which was sweet and full of sesame flavour, although there was a hint of icy-ness. It was a lovely and great refreshing dessert to have after all that food, especially with fresh fruit on the side!


Crepe Dessert

I love my crepes, so I just had to try the crepes! The crepes itself was super thin and light to eat – inspires me to try and m ake them at home! It did not have any fillings, so eating it with just the fruit was a bit dis-jointed, and the dish cried out for a scoop of ice-cream! So we have passed on our suggestions!

Overall, amazing food, amazing venue and great service- it does come with a higher price tag, but you get what you pay for. The service is impeccable with staff topping our water and tea and checking if everything was going well. The staff were so friendly and go out of their way to make you feel comfortable. The owner is also walking around greeting customers and ensuring everything is running smoothly.

I’m thinking office celebratory lunches or even as a 21st birthday venue as there is a projector screen in the traditional seating room! Express lunches with colleagues or even wander over from university with your mates- it won’t burn a hole through your wallet for amazing food!

This is Grade A, with a few teething problems to iron out in regards to timing of food but the business knows their customers and seeks to impress, and does not disappoint. Very promising future and am looking forward to more lunch specials, and definitely visiting again to try other dinner mains!

Thank you Ginza Miyako 🙂

Ginza Miyako Japanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon

…the alphabet of Food…


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