P is for Pressed Juice

Shopping along rundle street (yay for sales!), we stumbled across a quaint little place called Pressed Juices.
The funky fresh interior drew us in to discover what was inside.



The concept of Pressed Juices follows the recent health trends of cold-pressing juices rather than using the normal centrifugal juicing machines. What I understand of the difference is that normal juicers with the blades create heat and froth up the juice, resulting in a loss of some nutrients. Cold-pressing juicers retain the maximum amount of nutrients without the fibre, hence more healthier and you get the most nutrients out from the fruit/veg.

The lovely lady gave us a few tasters, and as we bumped into some friends who purchased two bottles, we tried some of theirs too. The one with cayenne pepper really scrunched our faces up- sourness! The flavours are crazy intense and doesn’t taste like what you expect.

For some odd reason, we purchased a bottle with coconut,lychee,pineapple and lime as it sounded safe. Not sure why we didnt taste test before, as it was very hard to stomach. The first taste is alright and then a acidic aftertaste comes up reminiscence of vomit. Should definitely taste test first before purchasing 😉 !!!

Lol…I think we won’t be visiting again for a while as one bottle sets us back $9.50 and gives us shudders. Much prefer to purchase a salad..

However, to some this would be a good part of a liquid diet as it provides plenty of nutrients.

As for our experience, a grade C for taste, though I must admit it may depend on your palate as I heard the more you drink of healthy stuff, your palate will change. We saw a girl purchasing 6 bottles (they have special prices for bulk buy) so she must love it! 🙂



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