P is for Asian Puzzle Canteen

Puzzle Canteen on Grote st. Chinatown, previously known as Moodle, which took over the premises of one of the first dessert places Sugarbowl. One wonders where the Puzzle came from …perhaps to catch attention.
Interior is relaxed and in fact, a little puzzling as it combines a variety of styles from rustic, antique, hip with the black walls and picnic looking tables. It somehow does create a canteen feel!




We were attracted here after we discovered a charcoal burger with fried chicken was available.
As we eat with our eyes, I was a bit apprehensive – unsure of what taste I should be expecting as natural instincts tell us to stay away from food that looks like it’s gone off…

But after taking a big bite, my tastebuds were happy with the juicy fried chicken and fresh salads. It’s a nice burger but flavours are normal and not particularly as exciting as it looks. Probably a bit on the smaller side too.


The noodles then came out in a big bowl. It was a plain beef soup with chewy noodles that were still kinda stuck together. It’s probably similar to the style they used to serve here at Moodle before becoming Puzzle Canteen. Very wholesome tasting.

Overall it was an average good meal and prices are canteen prices with most meals under $10. We also got a free iced tea drink since we Liked their Facebook page! However not much desire to return yet..maybe if I’m looking for a quick meal as parking around there is good.

Grade it an average C!


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