F is for Fudge It (Waffle Bar)

That’s right…Fudge it with a Waffle Bar…a classic, relatively unknown, little eatery that is known for their delicious Fudge (sweet made from sugar butter and milk/cream) and other goodies such as nougat and chocies, and recently branched to offer belgium waffles with a choice of toppings. A little hidden gem within a row a shops.

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I ordered a nutella waffle and my fiance ordered a banana chocolate waffle. I only got one good picture as the other turned out blurry and I didn’t check I out as we were in a bit of a hurry to gobble these waffle goodies.

We have been informed that the waffles are made in house and fresh upon order! Apologies, I think I may have been confused when I heard the word Waffle King as some other stores get their supplies from there but they are confirmed to be made in house.


The waffle was prepared nice and crisp, soft in the centre. We both loved the bits of delicious Fudge to eat with the waffle – what a great way to use fudge! It was beautifully presented too.. much love and care!
Ice-cream was a bit ice-y and didn’t taste creamy enough to eat well with the waffle. Perhaps an option to have gelato with the waffle would be good or just get better ice cream.
I must mention my delicious nutella sauce to drizzle on top,which I only remembered to use after finishing half my waffle since it was placed to the side. But it was so yummy I could’ve drank it straight tee hee but I resisted!

Overall good price for well presented waffles and delicious toppings. A grade B for value -especially since they offer a free coffee with every waffle purchase!

Definitely worth a visit if you’re around there!



3 thoughts on “F is for Fudge It (Waffle Bar)

  1. Thank you for your review and suggestions.
    Our waffles are made fresh to order. We make a fresh batch of waffle mixture every day from scratch. Definitely not imported from waffle king (we the been approached by him, but chose to produce our own fresh waffles created from our own special recipe) Everything on our menu is made from scratch, sauces and toppings.
    We have recently introduced swapping the ice cream for gelato for an extra fee.
    There was a couple of nights where we did have to use a different brand of ice cream because we couldn’t get a hold of our regular one.
    Thank you for your visit.

    • Thanks for stopping by and confirming that you produce your waffles fresh!
      Great to know we can get some gelato with those yummy waffles now- yum 🙂
      Keep up to the good work and hope it really takes off!

      • Thank you very much. It’s always good to get feedback, especially because we are new to this 🙂
        Much appreciated!

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