B is for Birdcage (the café on Rundle)

B is for Birdcage, a cosy little dessert café on Rundle with gorgeous interior filled with birdcages, silhouettes of birds and little quirks like a unicycle on the wall.
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We were on the way to Cocolat, when we spotted Birdcage across the road, with a glass cabinet full of delicious looking treats.  We’ve always been meaning to give it a go but kept forgetting about it since it’s a little lost in the spotlights of Steven Ter Horst, Cocolat, Chocolate Bean and even San Churros.

We received a very friendly welcome from a man behind the counter, presumably the owner, as he introduced us to what was available.  My partner was craving for waffles, so I asked if the waffles on offer were made fresh in store.  He then gave us a run-down of what was made in store and what was sourced:

  • Waffles (sourced from La Waffle – apparently on Hutt St, but I’ve yet to locate their address, and heard of only the food truck)
  • Cakes in the cabinet (sourced from Au Matin Calme – win! Their desserts are amazing and now we can get them right in the city!)
  • Crepes – made in store
  • Drinks – made in store

Looking through their menu, we  were drawn to the ‘Birds of a Prey’ which consists of a belgium waffle, two scoops of ice-cream and a crepe draped over, with crushed macadamia nuts and chocolate. This sounded like enough for the two of us as we just finished dinner – and we get to sample the waffle and crepes all in one for a reasonable price of $15! *dream dessert*  We also got a hot chocolate because we can 😉


The hot chocolate came out and was creamy and smooth, sweetened to my liking (probably on the sweeter side)- with a marshmallow on the side.

And the dessert, beautifully thin crepes draped over a well-prepared waffle (crunchy and soft in the centre) with decent ice-cream (doesn’t taste like the homebrand ones yay!) on top.  I think I needed one of these desserts all to myself actually =) It also had an air of being made with a love for desserts- someone that’s really taken care in preparing it.

Whilst we were sitting in there, with relaxing music in the background, it almost felt like we were not in the midst of the busy Rundle St, but sitting in peaceful cafe somewhere like on King William road.

Good service and food lovingly prepared, really does make a a good experience without the necessity of fancy sch-pancy ingredients.

Grade A for our experience 😀 Would definitely come back and recommend as a peaceful place to catchup with some good friends. I usually take my friends to Cocolat but now will change it up a bit 😉




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