T is for Tongue Thai’d

T is for Tongue Thai’d – an tasty pun!

Tongue Thai'D on Urbanspoon

Located in the western suburbs, we spied this whilst trying to eat at the dessert place next door but it was closed. It is pretty hard ti miss the red coloured lighting flowing through the whole restaurant. Since we were feeling hungry, we popped in for a quick meal!

wpid-imag2530.jpgThe waiters were friendly and straightaway had water for us as we perused the menu.  Unable to decide, we concocted our own creation of ordering a green curry but with duck, as well as a traditional pad thai. (We judge a place based on its basic green curry and their pad thai!)

After about 10-15 minutes, just when we were starting to feel more hungry, the food appeared!

wpid-imag2537.jpgThe chicken pad thai, reasonably priced around $13-14,was flavour-some and had lots of chicken throughout. It’s not a particularly saucy pad thai, like some other Thai places serve,but a nice consistency – not too dry not too wet.

wpid-imag2538.jpgOur duck green curry, which set us back a fair bit around $24-25, but was immensely delicious. The curry had a lovely creamy texture, (not watery at all which is awesome!), spicy enough (as we requested spicier!) with tender, tender duck cooked perfectly. It just melts in your mouth. The vegetables were fresh with a nice crunch, just how I like it. I could just drink the curry sauce …mmm mm..

Well, we loved this place. The only thing that threw me was the Chinese music, so when I queried, the waiter was actually Chinese though the Chef was Thai.

A great place to go to if you are in the neighbourhood and looking for something yummy. I am curious to try other dishes! Good food, good service, though expect to pay for it – Grade B+.

Make it an evening with dessert at Creperie Bruxelles next door, or from their interesting Thai desserts!

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