B is for Burger Foundry

A foundry is a workshop or factory for casting metal.  In this case, Burger Foundry is a workshop known for building great, towering burgers. Spot the new and vastly improved venue on Magill Rd with it’s bright sign on both sides of the store!


Burger Foundry on Urbanspoon

The interior is decked out in an industrial design with low hanging lights, a buzzing ambiance full of happy eaters with a variety of table styles. As our friend won the much coveted $300 prize from the Facebook FIFA 2014 competition, we utilised the prize money today to celebrate our other friend’s (his fiance!) birthday 🙂 It was quite fun picking through the menu without worrying about budgeting etc, so that we could sample almost everything!

Starting off..drinks galore. ..loads of options for you to choose from – from bundabergs, soft drinks to milkshakes! The coffee beverages were not available yet, so we couldn’t order those.
The left is the peanut butter milkshake and the right death by chocolate milkshake. The favourite was the chocolate as that was rich inflavour and reminiscent of the Yogo that we used to eat as kids! The peanut butter was nice but strong in flavour. Good for those peanut butter lovers.wpid-imag2595.jpg

The food started flowing rather quickly, which is amazing as the old store used to take a long, long time..


wpid-imag2508.jpg   wpid-imag2598.jpg

The side dishes all came out…great crunchy chips served in rustic mugs, huge onion rings (nice crunchy batter) in bowls, mozzarella potato tots with cheese and bacon (the fillings were a bit inconsistent but tasty enough!), and a refreshing pear, parmesan and rocket salad.

Then..the mains!


Looks like a fish doesn’t it? An artistic work of art – Spicy Ribs ! You MUST eat these ribs fresh and steaming hot, as they taste the best then. Falling right off the bone, clean and delicious, packed full of flavour. However, we delayed to eat the other one, which got cold and dry…so EAT THEM FIRST.

Now……*drumroll*….burgers galore! Burgers are reasonably priced from about $13-19

wpid-imag2603.jpgThis, as you can tell, is the Rocky Mountain High – a char-grilled beef patty, with caramelized onions, thick tomato slices, mesclun greens, crisp bacon with melted cheddar cheese. It had a lot in it, and the only thing that was missing was enough sauce to bind it all together as there were a lot of components. Extra sauce is available on the counter to saturate the burger as you like!

wpid-imag2605.jpgThis was the Jamaican Jerk – spicy caribbean seasoned char-grilled thigh fillet with some greens, thick tomato slices and a delicious mango salsa that brings a depth of flavour. A light burger that can be easily devoured!


For the most adventurous, the hot hot Texan Madness consists of char-grilled beef, smokey barbeque sauce, mesclun greens, crisp bacon, tomato salsa, and a grilled jalapeno – watch out if you can’t take much heat!


This was the Aussie Beerenberg – huge towering burger packed with classic flavours such as a beef patty, tomato, cheese and even a runny egg. Can’t go wrong with a classic burger, except I could only finish half!


This is another chicken burger with Avocado and Brie- char-grilled marinated thigh fillet, mesclun greens, ripe avocado, cucumber, thick tomato slices and melted Brie cheese. This was devoured quickly and easily, and compliments were given to the sheer generosity of the avocado – almost a whole avocado in there!

Apologies – I’m missing a photo of the Blue Steel burger – which I must comment on. My partner liked it, but I could not stand the blue cheese – so beware if you do not enjoy blue cheese – stay away! If you do, GO FOR IT. Interesting burger with caramelised onions and walnuts throughout!

After eating all that, we could barely move. Satisfied, we happily left the foundry, reminiscing how the ribs just fell off the bone and spiced up our buds, and clutching the burger sized lumps in our tummies.

Empty your tummies and roll on in with a group of friends to have a fun night watching crazy friends, such as ours, eat THREE burgers!

Grade A for building great burgers (with sauce available to tailor to your liking) and amazing ribs – with a buzzing ambiance and great service. So good to see food flowing in a timely fashion – hats off to the kitchen!

…the alphabet of Food..



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