T is for Café Troppo

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Always drive past this little café at the corner of Whitmore Square and Sturt Street but never actually taken any interest in it until Sunday arvo. Noticed 2 of my Facebook friends posting pictures of the waffles they had from this place on the same day must be a sign that I MUST go and try too. This I did on a windy overcast Sunday arvo. Perfect day for a waffle. Then again, what is a perfect day for a waffle? Everyday if you ask me :).

Going to the café for the sole purpose of trying the waffle that look sooo tasty and beautifully presented with hopes set on high only to see the waffle option on the blackboard wiped out!! Oh no! Don’t tell me all that anticipation was all for nothing? Still I persisted and hung around at the counter until I was served. I’m guessing the guy working behind the counter is new because when I asked if they had any waffles left… he looked at me and said have you looked on the menu?….. Well to be honest I haven’t because all that was on my mind was the waffle option being rubbed out on the blackboard. I mentioned that to him and looked at the menu which then directed me to the blackboard anyways …… go figure! At least he turned around and asked his colleague about the waffles and guess what ONE left!!! Win! With that I shall overlook how I was treated providing the waffle is as good as the pictures I saw and worth the whopping $15 I paid for it.

After a 5 mins or so wait, it has finally arrived!! Not sure what the components are on the plate but I guess it’s mascarpone, almond, mandarins (very orange and juicy) and honey syrup beautifully presented. I think originally it is candied pecans and cinnamon drizzled over the mandarin and mascarpone but I guess they ran out of it. Nevertheless it was pretty darn tasty.


These are their homemade waffles with 2 massive slices on the plate with a cakey texture aiming to fill your empty stomachs up. I think this is more of a main dish for breakfast/brunch rather than a dessert dish like what you usually get when you go for waffles anywhere else. The mandarins were huge and the sweetest I have ever tasted. Everything on the plate just go so well together. I had already had lunch and eating this 2 hours after my lunch was still a big struggle to get through. Very very satisfied is what I would put it after we gobbled this dish. Definitely worth the queried $15 for waffles that I was a bit iffy about.

Waffles are only available in the weekend as it’s part of their weekend menu. Here’s a link to their website :


Serves are big from what I notice around me and will definitely come back to try their breakfast menu. Looks interesting. For this place I give it a A-. Looking forward to trying some other stuff on the menu.


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