F is for 48 Flavours…..of ice cream/gelato/sorbet

You read right..the store name is 48 flavours and there are 48 flavours to choose from!

Located next to the new Ryo’s noodles, this brightly coloured store will catch your eyes!

48 Flavours on Urbanspoon


I believe I tasted 5 flavours before deciding as there’s just so much choice. The lovely staff are amazing as it’s a family business, and very patient in letting us have tasters. When I asked whether it’s ice-cream or gelato, staff told me it’s a mixture of both, which I didn’t really understand as the two techniques are quite different (having a friend that was a manager at Gelatissimo, I’ve been drilled about the differences!), but perhaps they have their own technique! Nonetheless, it is tasty and in my opinion, it leans towards being ice-cream due to the richness in body and that it melts quicker than other gelato.


Flavours are exotic, normal, strange and wonderful. Ranging from pomegranate sorbet, snickers, chocolate and hazelnut, to cherry coconut, ginger sorbet and green tea. There’s literally something for everyone.

We ended up getting a 1.5L(around $24-25) box to share between the four of us…..it took us a while but we did it as the flavours were delicious.


We chose:
Burnt caramel – packed full of flavour that delivers a punch of caramel. With the slightly edgey burnt taste.

Green tea – friends loved the green tea flavour as it had the hint of bitterness that gives it the refreshing green tea aroma. Go for it if you are a fan!(which I’m not as I’m not a fan of green tea anything)

Snickers – super tasty as I kept going back for more! Would’ve liked to see more peanuts through it but maybe my scoop just didn’t have any.

Mango sorbet – a light and refreshing sorbet to cut through all the richer flavours. The flavour begins subtle but tthen you taste the mango wafting through your senses as you consume it.

Last but not least by far, the chocolate and hazelnut, which has nutella running through it. This was one of my favourites as it sure hit the chocolate cravings.

Definitely support our SA businesses and give the flavours a whirl. Lots of thought and effort can be seen in the development of these flavours.

Even the rubbish bins in the store are ice cream cones! Just watch your kid because they might start licking it as we’ve been told!

We grade it B for great effort and innovation – design of the store could be better to provide seating inside as the heat of summer will HIT …veryyy soon.


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