Peel St. On Peel St.

Peel St on Peel St – if you want to confuse diners, call your restaurant after the street you are on!

Peel St on Urbanspoon

Let’s just say, this place just blew me away.

At first I was a bit apprehensive as looking at the menu prices, they were well in the $20-ties for main dishes, with no lunch menu .

However, the waiter explained it was best to get dishes to share, so between us three girls, we ordered one larger dish and one smaller dish to share.

The small dish was a roasted honey pear salad with blue cheese ice-cream, with walnuts and super-crunchy croutons and other bits and pieces.  Ab-so-lutely delicious. I don’t normally eat blue cheese (hate the smell) but in ice-cream form and eaten with the slalad, it was amazing. I could eat this dish all by myself. Everything just went so well together – with lots of thought put into this dish. It was a lovely entree to our main larger dish. The picture doesn’t give justice to the amazing flavours that are compounded into this dish.


The larger dish was chickpea battered snapper with tabouli, murrawarra (?a spiced sauce) and chickpeas. It came out beautifully presented with three pieces of fish, perfect for hte three of us.

I thought to myself, uh oh we just ordered gourmet fish and chips.  But upon biting into the succulent fish, it blew any preconception of fried fish from my mind. The fish was perfectly cooked, with a crispy batter and tender flesh. Stunning dish.


It’s been a while since I’ve had food that totally exceeds my expectations, and leaves me excited after every mouthful. Even weeks after my lunch here, I still reminscise the flavour combinations.

I think I’ve got a new benchmark for flavours. In the end, the three of us spent $60, which was $20 each and worth every cent. Can’t wait to visit again and try the other dishes.

Service was reasonably good – polite and helpful – could smile a bit more and be excited about your food, because we certainly were!

Do make a booking though – we were lucky to find three available seats!

Grade A++++!!!


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