R is for Ryo’s Noodles

Konnichiwa! Ryo’s noodles is a new ramen store in Chinatown.
Ryo's Noodles on Urbanspoon
Lovely decor running through the store that’s split level (apologies for the glare).

Attentive and great service provided by the staff.


I ordered a pork ramen in pork soup that comes with half an egg – and I requested for less salt as advised from a friend and mentioned on the wall.


In the beginning it was very tasty, full of pork flavours and the egg was soft and creamy. However, as I continued to slurp away, my palate began to strain underneath the saltiness coming from the soup and the egg . Eventually I couldn’t finish it as it was just too salty.

My stomach was also very uncomfortable for the rest of that day.

Bit of a disappointment as we had requested less salt but yet it was still quite intense. Normally I can tolerate very high salt content, but guess not this intense.

Other friends had suggested to go for the chicken soup,which is not as as salty. Other than that, the ramen is tasty so….grade C.  Fix up the salt content (balancing the salt coming from each component of the dish and the development of the stock) and perhaps we will live to eat another day 🙂


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